So much to do (in a good way)

Louise and myself have been discussing how to structure Pain Relief Physios the best we can to make it

  • easy to read
  • easy to navigate

with as much natural “flow” as possible, and the more we discuss and research, the more we realize that pain relief and what we do is such a vastly broad AND deep topic, with many sub-branches, categorizations and pain relief solutions.

This is challenging, and we’re excited to go in this direction.

It’s a natural progression from, where Louise focused on reselling pain relief products then, to a more resourceful and in-depth pain relief resource site here in, and it reflects more on our depth and wealth of pain relief experience that we’ve amassed and still amassing daily over the days, weeks, months and years.

We’ve been practicing our pain relief physiotherapy and hand therapy skills since 2005 and 2006 respectively, and today we’re practicing in Phoenix Rehab Group as well as managing a team of very skilled and experienced pain relief

  • physiotherapists
  • hand therapists
  • TCM physicians
  • dietitians
  • massage therapists
  • and more

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