Pain Relief Products

This will be a category dedicated to Pain Relief Products (the dedicated category is “Pain Relief Products”), which is one of the focus of – we’re constantly on the lookout, researching and experimenting on products that can help to provide

  • pain relief
  • prevent pain and injuries
  • and more

It may include

  • natural supplements that can naturally bring down pain and/or accelerate natural healing that decreases pain hormones/receptors
  • electrotherapy that you can safely use at home or at work
  • pain-relieving creams, lotions and ointments
  • orthotics such as braces for the back, knees, hands etc
  • massage beds and chairs
  • self-traction
  • heat and cold therapy products
  • ergonomic products such as standing desks or jelly mats
  • and much more

Frankly, we didn’t know there were so many pain-relieving products available out there in the market, and we’re really excited for this, and can see how it will complement pain relief brought on by physiotherapists, hand therapists, massage therapists and more.

We’ll keep you posted and talk soon!

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