The Knee Brace For Running You Want – And Why

For those of us who like to run, there’s nothing better than getting out on the open road (or trail) on a beautiful day and enjoying a long run. It’s a liberating experience that every runner looks forward to frequently.

But when injuries take their toll, it can be both frustrating and debilitating. For the serious runner, not being able to run due to injury is like suddenly stopping a coffee drinker from enjoying their favorite morning beverage.

Support For Your Knee

Thankfully, there’s a quality knee brace for running that provides bidirectional support, which can significantly reduce knee pain, so you can confidently continue with your favorite activity – without having to favor your sore knee.

What we’re referring to is the new TechWare Pro knee brace for running.

It delivers the necessary support and stabilizes the patella.

This model features a strong closure mechanism to ensure a snug fit – one of the keys to getting the proper support for your knee. The TechWare Pro is available in four sizes – Medium, Large, Extra large, and Extra Extra Large.

And it’s designed to be used by men, women and youth.

Engineered To Serve as Optimal Knee Protection For Runners

It’s made of breathable, lightweight neoprene that is moisture wicking – so you don’t get wet.

That’s huge – otherwise, the added perspiration in the knee area would like become an annoying distraction mid-run.

Silicone strips at the top mean that this knee brace is far more likely to stay put in place and not slide down your leg as you run. It’s a flexible brace, yet it provides comfortable and firm support. But what’s most noticeable is the immediate pain relief you feel.

This knee brace for running helps anyone with bursitis, tendinitis, arthritis, or tears in the knee joint area to ligaments and tendons. Additionally Comfortable, soft gel pads surround the kneecap helping reduce swelling and inflammation.

For Runners, Yes – And Others Too

Of course the TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support is not just for runners.

It really doesn’t matter what sport or exercise is your game of preference. It’s a versatile knee brace that’s an excellent choice for runners. But it can be equally beneficial to anyone playing any sport, or working out at the gym, or at home.

Anyone who is active in basketball, football, hockey, baseball, tennis, golf, volleyball, weightlifting, cycling, wrestling, skiing, gymnastics, yoga, crossfit, and martial arts – as well as running, jogging, and walking can use this brace to stabilize, give comfort to as well as protect a damaged knee.

A knee brace like this can be worn in virtually any sport as a precautionary measure to protect the knees. Just be sure to order two (2) as most knee braces are sold in single units, for one knee only.

Engineered and Designed To Outperform

Product designers from TechWare actually looked at every competing product they could find on the market and then set out to make a better knee brace for running. They believe they’ve come up with a superior overall design made from a better, more effective combination of materials.

What TechWare offers is a knee brace that provides maximum comfort, better knee stability, stable support and effective compression around the knee. All in all, it protects while allowing freedom of movement. That’s important. You want to protect an injured or painful knee.

But you don’t want it to keep you out of the game – or sideline you from your active lifestyle.

Competitors Fall Short

A lot of the supportive braces on the market feature one or two straps.

If there are two on a particular design – chances are they both go the same direction. The flaw is that this can cause the brace to pull to the right or to the left. And it’s that little bit of movement that requires you to stop and readjust.

Designed To Stay In Position

A quality knee brace like the TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support delivers optimal pain relief that allows you to use your knee while it heals. This knee brace features three bidirectional straps.

Actually, we found this to be a brilliant design feature.

It’s the key that makes the TechWare Pro such a stable knee brace. Two straps go in one direction and the third goes the other way. So you can snug it up in the perfect position. And it won’t slip, slide, or otherwise move. That means you can get your complete run in without having to fiddle with a loose strap.

The open patella design of the TechWare Pro provides much-needed comfort around the delicate knee area. It ensures a more centralized and even support distribution that better protects the knee. It provides the stability the knee needs – while helping you maintain your mobility.

What’s different about this TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support for runners is the third strap.

Since it moves in an opposite direction, it counters that natural tendency to pull one way or the other. This helps to keep this knee brace squarely in place and protecting the knee at all times. After all, if your brace is out of position, it’s probably not going to do the job of protecting your knee – at least not as effectively as it otherwise could.

The result of TechWare’s design is a more uniform tension and compression around the knee. Not only does this help minimize knee pain, it helps to prevent further injury to the sensitive knee joint.

We Are All Unique

Everyone has a slightly different anatomy.

And the shape of their legs around the knee area might very a little bit. So despite what every manufacturer claims, no brace is going to be ideal for everyone. Some slippage can occur with any type of flexible fabric. That’s just the way it is with any type of knee brace. It’s important to find one that fits your knee and perfectly as possible. Then snug it up just right.

Most buyers find that this specific knee brace stays in place quite well whether it is under or over clothes.

Grab the brace that seems to be most appropriate for your size and then make whatever adjustments are necessary for the best fit. You don’t want it to wear any brace too tight. That could cut off blood circulation. At the same time, you don’t want it to be too loose, or it’s going to slip and slide down your leg.

Machine Washable

Another difference about the TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support for running is that you can actually wash this one in a machine.

The huge majority of knee braces must be washed by hand. That makes this one is a little more convenient to own. Of course, it’s essential that you air dry the brace.  That’s because putting it in the dryer will destroy the fabric.


  • Bidirectional straps help hold this brace solidly in place on the knee
  • 4 spring stabilizers provide an impressive amount of support
  • It does limit your mobility somewhat, but not in a bad way (this actually helps you prevent further injury to your knee)
  • Brilliant design allows this brace to fit most thighs, knees, and calves – even though we’re all shaped a little differently
  • Stays in place whether it is worn directly on the skin or on top of clothing like leggings
  • Thin enough that it could be worn under loose pants with while barely showing
  • You can run (jog, or walk) several miles a day with this brace in place with no noticeable problem or difficulty
  • Quite effective at stabilizing the knee and reducing pain
  • Can be worn during a variety of gym exercises including on the treadmill and elliptical
  • Fits those of us with larger legs and thighs quite comfortably
  • Good at fully supporting the knee even when full weight is placed on the leg
  • You have plenty of control over the placement of the brace – so you can make it as tight as you want it
  • High-quality materials used in the construction
  • Machine washable (but be sure to air dry)
  • Provides enough support that you can comfortably wear it for 8o 10 hours while at work
  • You can put this brace on even when fully dressed making it quite convenient
  • Springs provide firm support without being too stiff an restricting


  • It can take some time to fine-tune the brace to get it fitting just right
  • Difficult to bend at the knee while the braces on (and if you’re doing an activity that requires deep knee bends, the brace can slip a little)
  • The fact that neoprene material has a stretchy quality to it can cause the brace to slide down slightly
  • You need to apply a slow and steady pull to loosen the Velcro straps (this helps extend the life of the brace because if you if your rip them off to quickly and firmly-  you’ll damage the Velcro)
  • Anyone with sensitive skin may find it irritating (best to wear something under the brace)
  • You can smell the neoprene when you open the package (thankfully this does fade away)
  • For some knees, the center opening on this brace is a little small
  • It’s a little larger and bulkier then some of the other knee braces available


If you’re looking for a quality knee brace for running, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything as good as or better than the TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support.

Clearly, much effort went into the design of the product and buyers overwhelmingly give it two thumbs up. If you like to run regularly but you’ve got a sore or injured knee, you’ve be wise to consider picking up this brace and giving it a shot.

Your knee will thank you.

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