XXXL/Extra-Large Knee Brace

Finally – An XXXL/Extra-Large Knee Brace That Fits And Supports As It Should

If you’ve ever went looking for a XXXL/extra large knee brace, I’m sure you know the frustrations. There simply isn’t a huge variety around of reliable knee braces in the plus size category.

Hopefully things change in the future and more of these 3xl knee braces become available on a wider scale as the need seems to be on the increase.

Your Search Is Over

After much searching ourselves, we found a solution that we can heartily recommend. It’s the XXXL/extra-large knee brace by Athledict.

It’s a strong compression sleeve knee brace that provides reliable support and pain relief for both men and women. Not surprisingly, it scores a solid 4.4 out of 5 possible stars – with more than 1400 actual customer reviews at this point in writing.

That’s an impressive rating from a statistically significant number of buyers.

So this XXXL knee brace warrants a close look.

Details About The Athledict XXXL/Extra-Large Knee Brace

Now let’s dig a little deeper to see what’s so special about this particular knee brace and why so many people who require a 3XL knee brace are turning towards this particular product.

First and foremost, the Athledict brace is anatomically shaped – so it provides almost immediate pain relief, stability and support. It’s the kind of support tool that allows you to move more confidently and with a lot less pain.

It Stays In Place and Doesn’t Roll Down

Here are three features that help this plus size knee brace stay in place better than most knee braces you see out there on the market today:

  1. It comes complete with an anti-slip silicone design that helps keep the sleeve properly positioned around the knee – without slipping
  2. There’s also a fully adjustable (and removable) strap so that you can customize the level of compression to suit (it should be snug and not too tight)
  3. The shape of the sleeve just seems to be a better fit for those of us who are in the plus size category

Support For A Variety of Knee Issues

The Athledict XXXL knee brace is recommended for a variety of knee conditions including arthritis, tendinitis, and to support those who suffer common knee injuries like strains and sprains.

If your knees are experiencing pain now, it offers fast relief.

This extra large knee brace for the obese and anyone with a larger frame makes a solid choice when you need that added support before and/or after surgery as you recover.

Protection, Support, Shorter Recovery times and Relief From Knee Pain 

You get what you expect with the Athledict XXXL/ extra large knee brace.

It helps reduce swelling and shorten your recovery time.

And it helps you get around much more easily when you’ve hurt a knee. It’s also comfortable to wear whatever activity you choose to engage in, whether it’s

  • hiking
  • weightlifting
  • cycling
  • or walking

Some buyers wear it while sleeping for the immediate pain relief it provides.

Targeted Knee Protection

The Athledict brace seems to target the right areas with the ideal amount of support.

And surprisingly to some, it’s comfortable to wear all day long. When you get the right fit from a quality knee brace, you won’t even notice that it’s there. It will help you move more confidently – with greater stability.

Strong One Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Athledict stands behind their product.

They claim that if you are unhappy for any reason within the year long warranty period, you can simply contact them for a full refund. They say you don’t even have to return the product – which is a plus.

Although this is a stable knee brace that tends to stay put for most people seeking an XXXL knee brace, everybody is a little different. Our knees, thighs and calves vary.  So in reality – it’s not going to be perfect for everyone.

In fact, no brace truly fits all.

That’s just not possible given our uniqueness.

We’re all shaped a little differently and that’s just the way it is. But this brace will work for most people who require an XXXL/extra-large knee brace.

And if it doesn’t happen to fit you – you’re fully protected with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Ideal Pressure and Protection

With just the right amount of pressure around your joints and muscles, the Athledict extra large brace minimizes soreness and pain while at the same time, prevents additional swelling.

You’ll also gain an almost full range of motion wearing the sleeve.

And it’s also lightweight, you won’t have to worry about it slowing you down and limiting your ability to move. Your level of comfort can improve dramatically with a snug-fitting brace like this.

Product Developers Really Took Their Time And Researched Well

According to the manufacturer, they fully tested 31 other prototypes of this product.

None of those actually met the standard. But with their thirty-second rendition – they found the magic – with is this very design. It’s one that has become a popular purchase online.

If you’re searching for a flexible 3xl knee brace that will help keep your knee stable as you continue to live your life, this could be an ideal choice for you. If you’ve tried other knee sleeves but found that they slid down far too frequently, you’ll want to give this one a go.

If you felt that other knee braces were too bulky, too hot, or that they offered inadequate support, you just might find what you’re looking for in this one from Athledict.

Most buyers notice that they have a full range of motion with this brace. And there’s little, if any slippage down the leg – a common annoyance with a lot of the knee braces out there.

The Strap Makes the Difference

The Athledict XXXL knee brace isn’t just a sleeve. It also comes with a strap. The strap is detachable, so you can wear with or without the strap in place. It’s your choice and really depends on how much pressure you need to apply to the knee joint.

Also included are instructions on how to align the straps in order to achieve the level of support you’re trying to gain from the sleeve.

Use It For A Wide Range of Activities

Users report that this particular knee brace is effective for variety of activities including jogging and weightlifting.

People feel more relaxed and safer using the brace, probably because it makes them less tense and less fragile. So they’re not afraid to move like they might’ve been without the benefit of a knee brace keeping everything properly aligned.

Wear It As Often As You Like

Some use it simply for exercise. Others choose to keep the knee brace on as much as they can. You can comfortably wear the sleeve all day long, as long as the fit feels right to you.

The compression this Atheledict XXXL Knee Brace provides delivers a sense of security and greater comfort. Since you can adjust the level of tension and the placement of the brace on your knee, it provides a higher degree of customization. This is what makes it a better support for most people.

Eases Painful Arthritis

For arthritis sufferers, this knee brace is a real plus.

It makes walking and even going up and down stairs that much easier. This knee brace stretches easily and actually feels comfortable against your skin.

The fabric is soft and breathable and that’s what makes it comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Avoid Machine Washing and Drying

You can safely wash this knee brace by hand and then allow it to air dry completely.

There isn’t anything complicated about this knee brace, it easily fits over the knee. Most importantly, it can relieve a lot of your pain.


  • Comfortable compression provides a sense of security
  • Straps are useful for providing the right compression (having the ability to adjust the placement and tension of two straps provides a personalized “just right” fit and a higher degree of support)
  • Comes with instructions which are helpful
  • Fabric stretches easily and is breathable
  • It helps keep the knee warm
  • Provides close to 100% range of motion
  • Top-notch receptive customer service
  • Excellent product for the price (great value)
  • Gripper strip around the thigh works well (it tends to stay in place better than other braces)
  • Helps increase the amount of walking one can do
  • Provides the needed support for getting up and down stairs
  • Stretches enough to  fit and provide needed support without being excessively restrictive
  • You can feel the difference right away in the protection it delivers
  • Fits well over chubby thighs
  • Material is comfortable does not itch
  • Gives one the confidence to participate in more activities and sports confidently – without worrying about one’s weak or injured knee


  • You have to fold the end of the Velcro strap to get it through the loop so you don’t ruin the fabric by getting it stuck
  • Straps may not be long enough for everyone
  • A larger Velcro pad for the strap would be helpful
  • Has a slight neoprene odor to it (only those with sensitive noses might be bothered by it)
  • Can be difficult to adjust and have it stay in perfect position
  • Materials break down over time
  • Can cause some minor skin irritation for those who are allergic to neoprene or gel

The Verdict

If you’re in the market for an XXXL/ extra large knee brace, you’ll want to consider this one.

You don’t have to slow down or stop living the way you want to live due to the pain you’re experiencing. You CAN get the relief you need and keep on going.

It’s the protection, pain relief and shortened recovery times that make this 3xl knee brace a helpful accessory to own.

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